Keepers subdue escaped gorilla at London Zoo

14 Oct, 2016

A gorilla ignited a major panic at London Zoo after breaking out of its enclosure. A police spokesman told the Evening Standard officers have been sent "to support zoo staff dealing with the gorilla in question". A gorilla named Harambe became the center of global media attention earlier this year after being killed by staff at the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States, minutes after a three-year-old boy fell into its enclosure.

White House snafu: Obama transcript puts Jerusalem in Israel

10 Oct, 2016

Then - finally - the two walked inside. Nearly 80 world leaders gathered in Jerusalem for the funeral. "He defended Israel like a hero from adversaries and at the same time reached out to them to have peace and largely succeeded in it", Javadekar said.

Turkish media: blast reported near Istanbul police station

07 Oct, 2016

Images broadcast on Turkish television showed wrecked cars and shattered glass from building and vehicle windows in the street outside the police station, which local media reports said was the most likely target of the attack. That attack was blamed on ISIS. Cars near the scene appeared to be badly damaged by the blast. There was no immediate indication who could be behind the latest blast.

Giuliani says Trump is better for US 'than a woman'

05 Oct, 2016

Trump knows the tax code far better than anyone who has ever run for President and he is the only one that knows how to fix it". Giuliani says: "The reality is he's a genius ". If true, the report is proof of the tycoon's "absolute genius", said former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani , a key Trump surrogate. The pair were visiting America's battleground states Monday: Trump addressed military veterans in Virginia before a rally later in Colorado, while his rival Clinton was travelling to key ...

Obama's Immigration Reform May Live Again Under Hillary Clinton

05 Oct, 2016

Texas, that the court decided in June. The justices split 4-4 on the case in June. Frustrated by Congress's repeated failure to pass immigration reform, Obama in November 2014 issued a decree that would have allowed some 4 million undocumented migrants who have lived in the United States since at least 2010, have no criminal record, and have children who are citizens apply for legal residency.

Pope Francis makes surprise visit to quake zone

05 Oct, 2016

I am here just to tell you I am close to you and I pray for you", the Pope told the local citizens Tuesday. Rev. Rodney McKenzie, Jr., Director of the Academy for Leadership 7 Action, National LGBTQ Task Force stated, "When Pope Francis made his now famous "who am I to judge' remarks, LGBTQ people of faith were hopeful of real change in the Roman Catholic church".

1800 migrants rescued off Libyan coast

05 Oct, 2016

At least 6,000 refugees have been rescued in 24 hours after trying to reach Europe from Libya in about 40 boats. At least 30 migrants and 305 others have been rescued in several different incidents of large boats capsizing off the Libyan coast over the past 24 hours, Anadolu reported on Monday.

Harry Potter Franchise Returning To IMAX For One Week Only

04 Oct, 2016

In celebration of the new movie, Imax and Warner Bros . have gotten together and made a HP event that Voldemort himself couldn't bloody say no to. IMAX points out in its announcement that show times will vary by location, so check with your local theater to get the details. " 'Harry Potter' is one of the most beloved film franchises of all time and is incredibly important to the history of Imax ".

Zika caused only mild illness in US kids

01 Oct, 2016

Zika causes mild symptoms in most, including fever, sore eyes and a rash, but pregnant women with the virus can give birth to babies with microcephaly - a deformation marked by abnormally small heads and brains. Zika generally causes a mild flu-like illness, but a major outbreak in Brazil past year revealed that it can result in severe birth defects when pregnant women are infected.

Duterte 'happy to slaughter' drug suspects; mentions Hitler

30 Sep, 2016

Duterte raised his bloody anti-crime war rhetoric to a new level Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, comparing it to how Hitler massacred millions of Jews and saying how he would be "happy to slaughter" 3 million addicts. But he has hit back, often with abusive language, to the criticism. Duterte also attacked the European Union and the United States for alleged inaction on the migrant crisis emanating from the Middle East.

Michelle Obama makes the case for Hillary Clinton in new ad

29 Sep, 2016

She goes on to say Clinton has spent her whole career "bringing folks together on behalf of our kids". Trump said that makes him "smart". Michelle Obama will be at La Salle University, and she's expected to lay out what's at stake in November's presidential election.

Labour councillors delighted at the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn

29 Sep, 2016

Mr Corbyn admitted: "It's true there's an electoral mountain to climb". The "Shrewsbury 24" were prosecuted at Shrewsbury Crown Court in 1973 and three were jailed, Ricky Tomlinson, Des Warren and John McKinsie Jones. "Let's ensure Labour is in power in every great city in Britain". "While we've been turning inwards, they've been taking liberties". "As the party which founded the NHS, Labour will once again be obliged to come to its rescue after a Tory Government has once more pushed ...

Storm cuts power to 1.6 million people in South Australia

29 Sep, 2016

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg told Sky News "serious questions" would be raised about how a major state's entire electricity supply could be knocked out by severe weather. A mass blackout began on Wednesday afternoon, with the a "weather event" behind the unprecedented outage. He said the wind was so strong that some of the poles were ripped out of the ground.

Obama's pointless, delusional meeting with Netanyahu

25 Sep, 2016

Both leaders on Wednesday described the bond between the US and Israel as unbreakable, but the talks on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly were overshadowed by a new spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence. In a press conference prior to the final meeting between the two leaders before Obama leaves office in January, the President said that "We need to keep alive the idea of Israel as a secure country alongside a Palestinian homeland".

Driver killed, 18 hurt in Denver airport school bus crash

25 Sep, 2016

Local media reported that the bus was carrying players and coaches from Broomfield Legacy High School, who were returning from a game in California. The driver killed in the accident has been confirmed by the school district as Kari Chopper.

Cross-border projectile from Yemen wounds Saudi man

23 Sep, 2016

Children were among the dead photographed at a city mortuary. Photos from the neighborhood showed residents searching through piles of rubble in search for survivors. Right after they interfered on the Yemen territory in March 2015, the Saudi coalition has been accused numerous times by the humanitarian organizations of making the wrong choices.

Islamic State propaganda chief killed in coalition air strike

17 Sep, 2016

The Pentagon said Wa'il was minister of information and prominent member of Islamic State's Senior Shura Council, or leadership group. The Pentagon said on Friday that a US-led coalition air strike on September 7th killed a Islamic State leader who oversaw the militant group's propaganda.

Two Indian hostages in Libya rescued: Sushma Swaraj

15 Sep, 2016

Currently, there are about 2,000 Indians in conflict-hit Libya, who stayed back despite the External Affairs ministry urging them several times to leave the country. Balaram's family, which resides in Secunderabad and were anxiously waiting for the safe return of their loved one, said, "We were anxious a lot and now are happy that he is safe and are waiting for his return to Hyderabad".

Israel denies its aircraft harmed after raid in Syria

14 Sep, 2016

Three mortar shells from Syria landed on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights Tuesday afternoon, within the span of an hour, after a rare overnight incident in which the Syrian Army fired two surface-to-air missiles at Israeli Air Force aircraft.

Minnesota Vikings undecided on QB for home opener

14 Sep, 2016

We tightened things up but still we gave up a touchdown at the end. Zimmer did say Bradford already knows enough of the offense to call audibles and make checks at the line of scrimmage. Mariota went 25 of 41 for 271 yards and two touchdowns, but he also had a miscommunication on a handoff to DeMarco Murray that led to Hunter's touchdown.

Giant pandas no longer endangered

13 Sep, 2016

In the WWF statement , Director General Marco Lambertini said that the combined efforts of science, political will and engagement in the local communities have proven to save wildlife and to improve diversity. Experts have warned the success of the giant panda needs to be taken in the wider context of a 52% average decline in the populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish around the globe between 1970 and 2010.

Saudi Arabia and Iran Trade Insults Ahead of Hajj Pilgrimage

12 Sep, 2016

A day later, Saudi Arabia's top cleric, Grand Mufti Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, fired back, dismissing Khamenei's criticism as a feature of supposed Iranian hatred toward Sunnis. Zarif's Saudi counterpart, Adel al-Jubeir, said in a speech last week that the regime in Tehran "is behind some of the operations threatening national security of the region".

Air strike kills Syrian rebel commander: Rebels

11 Sep, 2016

Reuters quoted a jihadist source as saying that Sarakeb and others were targeted in a militant hideout in Kafr Naha, west of Aleppo. The Syrian Observatory for Human rights, a UK-based group which draws its information from activists on the ground, said an air strike from unknown warplanes had hit a meeting of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, killing Sarakeb and another military commander named as Abu Muslem al-Shami.

Jailed PKK leader to meet with family for Eid

11 Sep, 2016

Taraf, one of dozens of media outlets closed since the coup attempt, was seen as close to the network of US -based cleric Fethullah Gulen, blamed by Turkey for orchestrating the failed putsch. terrorist organization in its history, both within and across our borders", Mr. Erdogan said on Thursday. Tens of thousands of people have been killed since the PKK first took up arms in 1984 with the aim of carving out an independent state for Turkey's Kurdish minority.

Modi, Xi agree to put Sino-India ties on right direction:China

10 Sep, 2016

Analysts say that Mr.Modi's "internationalisation" at the G-20 of Pakistan's alleged support for terrorism, is likely to fuel the war of words between New Delhi and Islamabad, following the spike in violence in the Kashmir Valley after the killing of BurhanWani, a commander of the HizbulMujahideen on July 8.

Modi meets Obama on the sidelines of EAS

10 Sep, 2016

Modi had also exchanged views with Obama on the sidelines of the G20 summit in China's Hangzhou on Sunday, with the US President praising the "bold policy" move on GST reform in a "difficult" global economic scenario. For a country trying to look beyond its immediate region and expand globally, an attempt that the Prime Minister himself has been working towards with his extensive travel, a hyphenated identity is counterproductive.

Indonesia to take a leaf from the Philippines' aggressive war on drugs

10 Sep, 2016

Inspired by the Philippines "war on drugs", Indonesia's anti-narcotics chief plans to aggressively ramp up the country's fight against drugs by bolstering its police force with more personnel and heavy weaponry. Indonesia first declared a war on drugs earlier last month, but it wasn't until recently that Anti-Narcotics Chief Waseso called for a tougher, more aggressive campaign against crimes related to illegal drug use in the country.

110 people stuck in cable cars at Mont Blanc in Alps

09 Sep, 2016

Mr Fournier, who spoke to BFM-TV, said Italian authorities were helping with the rescue. Update 10.20pm: 45 people will spend the night trapped in cable cars over Mont Blanc after a rescue operation was stood down for the night. Helicopters are being sent to rescue the stranded passengers. The cable vehicle reportedly stopped moving at an altitutude of almost 10,000 feet over Chamonix.

Why Trump foundation donated $25000 to Florida AG

08 Sep, 2016

According to Wayne Barrett, a prize-winning investigative reporter who has written two books about Trump, the businessman sold two apartments in Trump Tower in 1988 to a shady character named Robert Hopkins, who would ultimately land in prison for running a massive illegal gambling operation.

Turner's Release Met by Some Protesters

05 Sep, 2016

Turner left Santa Clara County Jail at dawn on Friday in a rented SUV, which took him to the local hotel where he planned to stay briefly with his parents before the family returns to their home in Ohio. Turner based on the conviction". Goodman also called Persky "a fair and very competent jurist". I bet Judge Persky is unpopular . The Santa Clara County Superior Court announced last week that Persky has been transferred from criminal to civil trials.

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