YouTube tests messaging feature to keep people in its app

14 May, 2016

This will be accomplished by a messenger feature that lets you create chats with your friends in which you can share links with them directly. It gives people a quick way to toss links as the messages remain in a separate tab that can be accessed any time.

Wal-Mart sharpens Amazon attack with 2-day delivery service

13 May, 2016

The ShippingPass service will offer subscribers access to more than a million items at launch, including the ones that are most frequently purchased on its website, TechCrunch says. The bog box retailer is building eight new distribution centers across the country this year, and will rely on regional carriers to deliver the packages within two days.

Facebook testing temporary reaction button for Mother's Day

09 May, 2016

The company has added a new flower button which appears next to the text messaging box which animates your message with flowers. The head of the Facebook Messenger, Lead David Marcus, said, "Moms are wonderful, and they deserve celebrating , even on Messenger!" The post further adds: "For a short time, people will start seeing a new purple flower icon in Messenger".

Facebook's No. 2 exec pays tribute to single mothers

09 May, 2016

Ms Sandberg, who penned the bestselling book Lean In , shared her experience of single motherhood since the death of her husband, SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg, in May 2015. You are reading news and information on, Long Island's Most Popular Website, Since 1996. Her writing suggests that her campaign to improve the working lives of women has taken on a new shade of empathy and urgency.

Battlefield 5 WW1 Vs COD Infinite Warfare in space

07 May, 2016

There have been previous rumors to the game's setting too: Back in February, a game called Battlefield 5 was briefly listed as a "WW1 tactical shooter" by a Swiss retailer with an October 26 release date. After all, the single-player campaign wasn't even mentioned until 45 minutes into the hour-long presentation, the publication recounts. Different variations of each vehicle class will exist, each with their own strengths and weakness.

Fable developer Lionhead is officially dead

01 May, 2016

After two decades of producing some unbelievable games, Lionhead Studios will be officially shutting down today. Previously, rumors circulated that a number of Lionhead employees might be staying on to finish development of Fable Legends .

Uncharted 4's Plunder mode revealed

24 Apr, 2016

Fans of the Uncharted franchise will no doubt recognize the Capture the Flag-esque slice of multiplayer action, though when it comes to A Thief's End , Naughty Dog has dialled back the action somewhat, settling on 4v4 setup as opposed to the traditional 5v5.

General Motors Gains 3+% Following Q1 Top And Bottom Line Beat

22 Apr, 2016

Profits nearly doubled compared to the same quarter, last year, on the back of strong truck sales in the United States, and improved performance in Europe, which helped offset the weaker market conditions in the Asian and South American regions.

Facebook announces its 360-degree camera

13 Apr, 2016

Today at F8, Facebook announced its Surround 360 camera, a 17-lens 3D VR rig that looks like 'Gravitron ' but shoots top-notch 360 degree video. On Tuesday, Facebook unveiled the new Facebook Surround 360, a state-of-the-art camera for capturing videos in 360-degrees.

National Work Zone Awareness Week

13 Apr, 2016

These fines are used to fund additional Indiana State Police patrols in and around work zones to promote safe driving. "We will be using all of our advanced technology to make our work zones safe", said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Greg Bedalov.

Orders for lower-price Tesla reach 276000

06 Apr, 2016

However, do keep in mind that these pre-order numbers don't reflect the actual sales number. Tesla has a history of missing deadlines for its vehicles to hit the market, but Musk said last week that he feels "fairly confident" that the Model 3 will come out next year.

Pakistan asks Iran to investigate suspected Indian spy's Iran links

05 Apr, 2016

Turning to handling of sit-in in Islamabad , he said the protesters were dispersed due to prudent strategy of the government and all the cabinet members were on the same page in that regard. "His mission included spying and sabotage, in addition to fomenting insecurity and instability in the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan", the ministry said in the letter, a copy of which was provided to Reuters by an Interior Ministry official.

Breanna Stewart is AP Player of the Year for 3rd time

05 Apr, 2016

She won the tip, but Morgan Tuck missed the first shot from the top of the key. "I always have. When I was a Division III coach, I was looking at UConn as an example". "It has just been really different from the time the NCAA tournament started". After finishing fifth in the Pac-12, he led his improbable No. 7 seeded team to wins over No.

Oculus founder delivers first Rift headset to customer

05 Apr, 2016

Shipping for the device have already begun. As Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey announced on Twitter , he said "Shipping update: Kickstarter Rifts will start arriving Monday, pre-orders start shipping mid-week (likely Wed) and will arrive this week too".

Microsoft Shows Off Start Menu Changes Being Considered For Anniversary Update

05 Apr, 2016

The idea is to allow developers to bring their app to Windows Store , putting minimal efforts as they will be reusing vast majority of the same code. Microsoft showcased the new feature by displaying a Cortana integrated Skype client. Are you a Windows 10 user? Pen support involves Windows Ink support being extended to Microsoft Office, Edge and Maps.

India To Get Updated Version Of Cortana This Summer

04 Apr, 2016

The synchronization will be done by Cortana Android . Windows 10 is now in use in 270 million devices, the tech giant said Wednesday, hailing a strong debut for the multiplatform operating system launched past year. At Build, Microsoft revealed that the Notification Center is in line for a major overhaul that will not only bring Cortana-power notification mirroring to Android users, but will also bring a richer, more image-heavy notification experience.

Virtual reality headset launching quietly this week

04 Apr, 2016

The most effusive have proclaimed it is the best new device since the iPhone. While Oculus allows this, applications from such developers have not been reviewed by Oculus for security, comfort, content, or health and safety. Facebook bought Oculus two years ago for $2 billion. There are more than 30 Oculus Rift games available at the Oculus Store including the Zelda-like adventure " Chronos " as well as space battle "EVE: Valkyrie" and their flagship "Lucky's Tale" Oculus Rift game .

Orders for lower-price Tesla continue to climb

04 Apr, 2016

Before the company even showed the Model 3, and in less than 24 hours, deposit-backed reservations for the vehicle had surpassed 100,000. Tesla on Thursday lifted the veil on its most important undertaking - the Model 3 . Many of Tesla's credits have already been claimed by buyers of the more expensive S and X models. If you did order online during the Model 3 unveil event, you likely received your confirmation email on April Fools' Day.

Chinese news agency tells readers to ignore April Fool's Day

03 Apr, 2016

The rejection of April Fools' Day also reflects persistent concerns about the spread of rumours and false stories online. "On first reaction, it seems like the work of hackers, because that's clearly the sort of joke that websites like the Onion would come up with", wrote Beijing News, a semi-official publication, in an article entitled "Don't Try To Guide Public Opinion on April Fools' Day" that was posted to its official WeChat account.

Should the FBI Disclose How it Cracked Shooter's iPhone?

03 Apr, 2016

Apple referred to a statement it made on Monday when the government filed to drop its case demanding that the company help it open Farook's iPhone. Apple doesn't typically reward people who find bugs with cash, but given this instance, experts cited by the Times said Apple could turn to the black market too.

Virtual Reality Becomes Real Reality With Oculus Rift

03 Apr, 2016

With the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset now beginning to ship out to the first pre-order customers, Oculus is updating its SDK for developers so they can build apps and games for the new hardware. Of course, for Microsoft , Oculus Rift represents a major bet as the company has placed all its VR eggs in Rift's basket, leaving itself to concentrate on the augmented reality "HoloLens" project.

MedStar paralyzed as hackers take aim at another US hospital

02 Apr, 2016

MedStar said in a statement that the virus prevented some employees from logging into system but that all of its clinics remain open and functioning. The FBI said on Monday that it was looking into the incident at MedStar, which is one of the largest medical providers to have operations interrupted by malicious software.

Apple fixes iPhone bug that caused devices to crash

01 Apr, 2016

This comes despite some of the issues that have affected the release, including one that forced Apple to halt the rollout of iOS 9.3 halfway through its completion. After 9to5Mac reported that users of the travel app were experiencing the crashing issue , developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered that included every link from their website in their association file, a 2.3 MB download.

Federal prosecutors to interview Clinton, aides over private email server

01 Apr, 2016

She even took it overseas, although she supposedly said she "gets it" being a security risk. This weekend, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times each published stories highlighting the latest developments in the case. Plus, past secretaries of state also have used private e-mails. "I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received", she told reporters during a press conference in Winterset, Iowa, in August 2015.

Apple Store offline ahead of preorders for new iPhone, iPad

01 Apr, 2016

Pre-orders for the new 4-inch iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro are now live. The new 4-inch iPhone "SE" is meant for consumers who haven't gone for the larger-screen iPhone 6 models. Although, this is entirely new and a bit low in price , people are still hesitant whether they'll upgrade to the new iPhone version since it is nearly comparable to the iPhone 5s .

Apple's new iPhone SE gets lukewarm response in Beijing

31 Mar, 2016

The new phone is positioned to appeal to many iPhone 5 users who are ready for an upgrade but don't want to make the jump to one of the larger phones Apple has introduced in the past year. And its camera is flush to the SE's casing, too, so you don't get any annoying phone wobble. Who doesn't like faster Internet? No mention has been made of an expected name change, and MacRumors expects the new iPhones to be called the iPhone 7 .

Facebook's Oculus starts shipping Rift virtual reality headset

31 Mar, 2016

Oculus Rift's first virtual reality headset has been targeted at the consumer electronics sector, specifically gamers, but its real significance could lie in commercial use. While Oculus allows this, applications from such developers have not been reviewed by Oculus for security, comfort, content, or health and safety. But holding off the consumers' credit cards is different from Matney suggesting that everyone should at least try the Oculus Rift before purchasing.

Citing FBI quest, Apple asks judge to delay iPhone data case

31 Mar, 2016

Apple as a result asked United States district judge Margo Brodie, who is presiding over the appeal, to delay the briefing schedule in the case by at least 10 days after the Justice Department files a status report on April 5 in the San Bernardino case.

Israeli firm to help unlock shooter's iPhone — Apple vs Federal Bureau of Investigation

31 Mar, 2016

Here's a video showing how Cellebrite could access a locked device. According to Ynet, Cellebrite claims to be able to run diagnostics on over 15,000 models of cellphones and tablets. Federal officials have claimed that they have exhausted all possible methods of getting into the device without Apple's help, adding that none of them have worked so far.

Washington's MedStar computers down for second day after virus

31 Mar, 2016

According to a statement earlier today, an unknown virus has infected the company's network, causing its patient database and email system to be shut down. Given the spate of ransomware attacks on hospitals, the chances are high that the malware that hit Medstar Health is also ransomware , according to David Melamed, senior research engineer at security firm CloudLock .

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