Japan's unmanned experimental probe fails to get rid of space debris

08 Feb, 2017

After dropping off the goods and being refilled with ISS trash, the spacecraft was to deploy a 2,300-foot-long tether to lasso space junk and drag it back to Earth. Before the HTV-6 spacecraft's fiery end, it spent a week orbiting the Earth to test out the Kounotori Integrated Tether Experiment (KITE), or technology for removing space junk.

South Korea, US to hold larger-scale joint war games in spring

04 Feb, 2017

When asked what strategy the Trump administration will take on the North Korea issue, Mattis made clear that his first visit will focus on speaking with South Korean leaders, so that he may gather their "appreciation of the situation" before any formal statement scan be made on the subject.

Comcast Xfinity Roku App Comes With Monthly Fee

03 Feb, 2017

If you can see the Xfinity app there, you can download and install it. Xfinity TV for Roku requires firmware version 7.5 or greater. The Roku-Comcast beta app release provides further illustration of the alternately competitive, collaborative relationship between OTT tech-driven video services providers and incumbent cable pay-TV companies.

Israel approves construction of 3000 new housing units in West Bank

02 Feb, 2017

At around 10:45 AM, the Israel Police announced that the law enforcement part of the evacuation operation has begun, 11 years after the outpost was evacuated for the first time. More than 15 people were arrested as clashes broke out between activists and security forces, a police said. The Amona outpost is home to around 50 families, some 250 people.

Science goes rogue: United States government agencies tackle Trump on Twitter

28 Jan, 2017

It comes as several other federal government departments including the Interior Department, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health, were issued directives this week from the Trump White House to curb their flow of information to the public on topics related to environmental issues.

Boeing unveils new, blue spacesuits

27 Jan, 2017

Boeing has unveiled new lightweight spacesuits that could make their launch-pad debut early as next year, when the aerospace company's CST-100 Starliner space capsule is scheduled to take its first manned test flight and, eventually, carry astronauts to the International Space Station.

Balotelli Italian striker accuses Bastia fans of racial abuse

24 Jan, 2017

Mario Balotelli has hit out at Bastia fans, accusing them of racism after making "monkey noises" during Nice's Ligue 1 fixture on Friday. Later on Saturday, it added that it was sending footage from BeIN Sport TV channel, showing some Bastia fans racially abusing Balotelli, to its disciplinary commission.

The asteroid worth $10000 quadrillion

21 Jan, 2017

The U.S. space agency and researchers at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration want to get a closer look at the space rock, named Psyche , because they believe it's made of valuable metals, such as nickel, iron, and gold.

Senate set to vote on 2 Trump nominees on Friday

20 Jan, 2017

Senate Republicans had hoped to confirm as many as seven of Trump's nominees within hours of his inauguration as president at noon on Friday. Both retired General James Mattis, Trump's pick to lead the Pentagon, and retired General John Kelly, his choice for the Department of Homeland Security, are expected to be confirmed easily.

Wife of Orlando Mass Shooting Gunman Arrested

18 Jan, 2017

Orlando police and the FBI have investigated whether Salman had prior knowledge of her husband's plot. The Times' source said she was charged with obstruction. They declined to let Ms. Salman, 30, talk about her discussions with the F.B.I., but Mr. Salman also said he had physically abused her, which her attorney reiterated Monday.

Google Maps now lets you get an Uber without leaving the app

15 Jan, 2017

Then, users can book an Uber ride and track their driver on Google Maps, all within the Google Maps app, wrote McKinley Torti. While Google Maps is an easy navigation solution, there are certain features that it can add. That's right, the latest update now lets you hail an Uber ride without ever leaving the app. Let's see some more details on the subject and how you can do that.

Samsung and LG foldable phones might be coming this year

14 Jan, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is turning 1-year-old soon, and this could only mean one thing: its successor, Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to debut soon. As case manufacturers are doing their best to hype the Galaxy S8, maybe we should continue to ignore them and instead go to the source for a view of the future.

Researchers publish first video of ruby seadragons in the wild

14 Jan, 2017

Marine Biodiversity Records has been launched in response to the changing marine and coastal environment and an increasing demand for the documentation of marine organisms in locations where they have not formerly been recorded, as well as of species loss from habitats.

This Changes How We Thought The Moon Was Made

12 Jan, 2017

They say the moon isn't a single chunk of rock but an amalgamation of almost two dozen "moonlets", one that was formed during a steady bombardment of Earth by several smaller bodies. This concept has directly contradicted a theory that suggested how one giant impact resulted to the formation of the moon. "Our model suggests that the ancient Earth once hosted a series of moons, each one formed from a different collision with the proto-Earth", says co-author Hagai Perets of Israel's Technion.

IBM Has Most U.S. Patents for 24th Consecutive Year

11 Jan, 2017

IBM's total was nearly 2,500 higher than second placed firm Samsung which registered 5,518 patents, and far ahead of Canon in third on 3,665. Not all companies enjoyed the growth IBM achieved; whilst Samsung noted a close to 9% increase on the prior year, Canon's grant count dropped by over 11%.

Texas couple sues Apple because FaceTime is a distraction to drivers

06 Jan, 2017

The plaintiffs also say Apple failed to manufacture its iPhone 6 Plus with "safer, alternative "lock-out" technology", pointing to a previous patent. and failure to warn users that the product was likely to be risky when used or misused in a reasonably foreseeable manner. rendered the Apple iPhone 6 defective when it left defendant APPLE INC.'s possession, and were therefore a substantial factor in causing plaintiffs' injuries and the decedent's death", the Modisettes' lawyers allege .

SpaceX concludes accident investigation, to start launching rockets again

03 Jan, 2017

The research team discovered that there was trouble with the pressure vessel inside the tank responsible for the storage of liquid oxygen. It seems that the materials used for these helium pressure vessels may have had a bad reaction with the oxygen in the tank.

Apple now offering refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2

23 Dec, 2016

This is the first time the Apple Watch has been made available as a refurbished unit. Not all variations and color options are available in the refurbished store, and there's no telling when more stock will be available once existing options are sold out.

Salvation Army opens Christmas Cheer center in Wake County

22 Dec, 2016

The funds raised during the campaign help the Salvation Army operate its food bank, which helps about 25 families a day. We are all about fun here at Aussie World and we are really pleased that this event has continued for a 14th consecutive year.

Cold Monday, but Warmer Temperatures Ahead

20 Dec, 2016

Normal for this time of year is in the mid to upper 50s. With the weather craziness of the past week behind us, we can look forward to several days of mostly clear skies and a gradual warming trend as the big high pressure system we are under slowly moves eastward.

Murdoch's Fox agrees $14.6 billion Sky deal to expand empire

17 Dec, 2016

Politicians from across the spectrum want to see the deal referred to the broadcasting regulator Ofcom. Murdoch is "is not expected to stray" from that price, which represents a 28 per cent premium to the 836p at which Sky's shares were trading immediately before news of the deal emerged.

Jason Momoa Aquaman Movie Release Date Pushed Back

04 Dec, 2016

According to IMDb , Justice League, which will also star Ben Affleck as Batman and Ezra Miller as The Flash , will reach theaters on November 17, 2017. He shared that he felt like he was an outcast that could not seem to fit in any of both worlds. Her new role: Amber Heard is looking forward to playing the underwater queen - and the wife of Aquaman - and is very excited about her costume.

Carlsen defends World Chess Championship after tiebreak victory

02 Dec, 2016

Norwegian Magnus Carlsen extended his dominance over the chess world on Wednesday by winning the World Chess Championship for the third consecutive time on Wednesday, beating his Russian challenger Sergei Karyakin in a tiebreaker. The other 10 games were draws. The two competitors were playing the game inside a sound-proof room from the inside of which nothing could be seen. Fans who paid 100 dollars (£80) to watch were riveted as the two grandmasters leaned into the tense game, barely ...

Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole

02 Dec, 2016

The White Desert doctor said Aldrin's condition was stable. The travel firm said he was "responding well to antibiotics and being kept overnight for observation". Doctors agreed an evacuation was prudent after Aldrin's condition deteriorated , according to his staff in Florida. The NSF said Aldrin will be flown to New Zealand as soon as possible.

McLaren 570S Gets a Track Pack

01 Dec, 2016

This weight reduction is made possible by a lightweight interior package with Alcantara® replacing leather for the seats, dashboard and steering wheel covering, plus the introduction of carbon-fibre racing seats with circuit-proven lateral location.

The CW's Super Four-Show Crossover Now Has a Super Extended Trailer

01 Dec, 2016

When the team finally makes the decision to leave the dream world behind, they learn that the Dominators have put "safeguards" in place to ensure they don't escape. You get into the parallel Earths of it all but she's not the President on our Earth but the Vice President. Because that's where you are at Supergirl .

Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap Cyber Monday Deals and Sales

29 Nov, 2016

A screen will help users access content like weather forecasts, calendars, and news , the insiders said. To compare, the Amazon Echo costs a lot more at $179, while the Google Home is priced closely at $129 (however both products were substantially discounted during the holiday season in the US).

Prepare Your Wallets and Patience For Apple's Black Friday Sale

24 Nov, 2016

The store will be open again at 8 am Black Friday with additional online deals. Apple may also want to preserve the price point and want it not too available for everyone. Available as an in-store purchase at Best Buy , the iPad Air 2's original price starts at $400, but during this festive season you'll be given a discount of $125 on all models.

Bruno Mars to perform at Save Mart Center

19 Nov, 2016

Bruno Mars is one of the world's most joyful entertainers, but hardship shaped him as a performer, he tells " 60 Minutes ". Peep dates for the tour here, and be sure to stream the album (below). Making us emotional with his reference to his song "When I Was Your Man", he begs and pleads for his woman to give him another chance because he's still in love with her.

Amazon Prime is dropping from $99 to $79 for one day only

18 Nov, 2016

Following a launch of its new Amazon Music Unlimited plan in the U.S. Each user will have full access to Amazon Music Unlimited's library of "tens of millions of songs", and they'll also have access to their own personalized recommendations based on what songs they listen to.

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