Canada WestJet plane declares emergency, lands in Iceland

11 Sep, 2016

Emergency landing on @WestJet flight. She added: "Guests will be reaccommodated as soon as possible". The Twitter feed said the flight was holding at 11,000 feet and dumping fuel, before landing on Runway 11 at Reykjavik's Keflavik International airport at 8:40 a.m.

Facebook to start using WhatsApp data for targeted advertising

26 Aug, 2016

An FAQ from the WhatsApp official page states "The Facebook family of companies will still receive and use this information for other purposes such as improving infrastructure and delivery systems, understanding how our services or theirs are used, securing systems, and fighting spam, abuse, or infringement activities".

N.J. Gov. Christie announces changes to reduce issues at the MVC

26 Aug, 2016

NJ2AS is calling on Governor Christie to veto every single bill that comes to his desk until the legislature passes a shall-issue concealed carry bill and sends it to his desk to be signed. The state's regulations on gun-carry permits is one of the most restrictive in the country, requiring applicants to apply for permission from their local police chief and a Superior Court judge by demonstrating "urgent necessity for self-protection, as evidenced by specific threats, or previous attacks".

Honda gearing up for 11-speed triple-clutch transmission?

24 Aug, 2016

Back when the transmission was first released, we were questioning the need for so many gears. We're not sure just what's to come for this 11-speed automatic transmission, but the paperwork filed in Japan indicates that the third clutch would be used to fill in when torque briefly drops from during gear changes on a traditional dual-clutch.

Celebrity Big Brother's Stephen Bear dumped by girlfriend when she enters house

19 Aug, 2016

Gregg admitted that confronting her cheating ex is one of the hardest things she's ever had to do. Another said: "How Lillie didn't punch bear straight in the face when he shrugged I do not know". She then strutted up to Bear - who was shaking - and revealed how much his hook up with the webcam queen has affected her. "I'd love to see Chloe again".

Overwatch's Competitive Play is being completely re-worked for Season 2

18 Aug, 2016

Bronze, Silver and Gold will be the first three and there will be four more tiers after that. The number itself became too foundational to how players saw themselves. The exception is the two highest tiers, Master and Grandmaster. End-of-season rewards will be based on the highest tier you reach in Season 2. Other proposed additions will be smurfing and spendable competitive points .

Trump's immigration plan raises many unanswered questions

18 Aug, 2016

Trump went on to claim that the "common thread" that links recent attacks in the United States is that "they have involved immigrants or the children of immigrants", which he claims can be solved with "new screening procedures" which he dubbed "extreme, extreme vetting ".

Alligator bites woman in Florida, authorities say

14 Aug, 2016

A woman who reached into the water to retrieve an empty soda can while visiting the Florida Everglades was attacked by an alligator that almost bit her hand off, state wildlife officials said on Saturday. The woman was standing on a dock when it happened, and people close by grabbed her to prevent her from falling into the water. She was bitten by a 4- to 5-foot long alligator, authorities said.

Foxconn working on an all-glass casing for 2017's iPhone

13 Aug, 2016

As a result, Apple also reported a quarterly sales decline for the first time since 2003. In fact, the numbers have grown to this level just because of the iPhone SE that single-handedly owns 5.1 percent of smartphone sales in the United States and 9.2 percent in Europe.

This shark could live for 400 years

13 Aug, 2016

The worldwide team of scientists was led by Julius Nielsen of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and included researchers from Greenland, Norway and the United States. The average age of the animals was 272 years old. He also told the Times, "I don't think this is the final word on Greenland shark ages". Sharks can live to be at least 272 years old in the Arctic seas, and scientists say one recently caught shark may have lived as long as 512 years.

Duterte calls United States ambassador gay - Washington summons Philippines envoy

11 Aug, 2016

During an appearance before soldiers on Friday, the president recounted a meeting he held with US Secretary of State John Kerry. "Would you rather I declare martial law?" said Duterte in a speech before military troops in the southern island of Mindanao.

Google's latest Inbox update adds project management tie-ins with Trello, GitHub

10 Aug, 2016

These type of app integrations appear to be the next step for Inbox, which has proven to be a fertile testing ground for Google's Gmail team to reimagine how email functions. Drive integration allows users to insert Drive links into emails, check and fix permissions for those links as well as save email attachments to Drive.

Perseid Meteor Shower 'Outburst' This Week - Here's How to Watch

10 Aug, 2016

When "comet-stuff" hits Earth's atmosphere, it disintegrates in flashes of light, which can be seen from Earth, NASA says . "You want the darkest sky possible", she said . Spectators can normally see around 60 to 100 meteors an hour. NASA recommends waiting until after midnight to start viewing. But before it passes the Earth's surface and became the meteor shower that celestial addicts are into now, it is believed that it has already passed other planets and objects in the universe .

Beware of QuadRooter, a security flaw affecting nearly a billion Android devices

09 Aug, 2016

A malicious app could exploit the security flaws, with Check Point warning a hacker could have full access to the Android device including the data, camera and microphone. Disclosed on the Check Point web blog on August 7, 2016, the vulnerability is said to affect close to 900 million Android devices that are in circulation now.

Apple will launch more than 100 new emojis this autumn

06 Aug, 2016

What do you think of Apple's decision to swap out the pistol emoji? The public release of iOS 10 is then expected for the fall. According to a CNN report , Apple will replace the "controversial" pistol emoji with a green water gun in the next iOS 10 upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaked Images clues Overview of Features and Specs

02 Aug, 2016

The rumors reported by Onleaks confirm that the new Gear VR will be shipped with Galaxy Note7. Its predecessor only came with a Micro-USB port, which is mainly the reason why the old model is not compatible with the upcoming Note 7. The upcoming Note7 for example is the successor of the Note 5. It's interesting to have someone confirm what we know so far but as with any other rumors and speculations, we're taking all these with a pinch of salt.

Mystery purple blob discovered on ocean floor

29 Jul, 2016

Main focus would remain on the deep sea habitat and deep coral beds in the area. "What is that?" Those were the words of the research team from the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) aboard the Nautilus floating laboratory after catching a perplexing purple orb on camera.

Lady Layton is the next Professor Layton game

28 Jul, 2016

She originally started working as a detective to find her father, who suddenly disappeared, but she continues to work to solve a variety of mysteries in town. Other key members joining Lady Layton include two assistants (a dog and a young boy) and a female detective. Until then, you can check out the game's reveal trailer below.

Never Consumed Any Banned Substance in my Life: Narsingh Pancham Yadav

25 Jul, 2016

With the controversy surrounding Narsingh's selection for Rio over double Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar, this current development has spun a few conspiracy theories and many in the wrestling federation doubt that the whole episode is a result of sabotage from "Sushil's wellwishers".

Two New Sonic Games Announced At SDCC

24 Jul, 2016

The article continues below. The title is being developed in collaboration with Christian Whitehead , Headcannon , and PagodaWest Games . "This is only the beginning for Sonic and we're happy our fans were here to celebrate this exciting new direction".

SpaceX takes another shot at launching station docking port

19 Jul, 2016

This was when the first stage of a Falcon 9 made its first come back to Cape Canaveral. SpaceX has successfully launched a docking port into orbit en route to the International Space Station. "The whole goal is to lower the cost of space travel and space transportation", said SpaceX vice president of flight reliability Hans Koenigsmann during a press conference after the launch.

US Rep. Corrine Brown indicted after fraud investigation

09 Jul, 2016

Prosecutors claim U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida and her chief of staff accepted more than $800,000 in charitable donations but only used $1,200 for the charity's objective of paying scholarships. Simmons diverted more than $80,000 of his relative's salary for his own personal use, they said. During that period, the organization awarded just one $1,000 scholarship.

Tesla owner says car crashed in autopilot

07 Jul, 2016

The crash raises more questions about the safety of autopilot mode. Last week, NHTSA announced that it was investigating a fatal crash in Florida that happened in May. John Mcelroy, an analyst for believes the technology is built to save lives, not take them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reportedly opened an investigation into a Pennsylvania accident involving a Model X.

Google Cast for Education lets students show their work to the class

29 Jun, 2016

The app will soon make its way to Apple's devices as well. The teacher can assist as a tour guide while students follow via VR, knowing about historical places and events in the whole process. The hope is that Google will be able to put streaming technology into schools so that it can be used for educational purposes. Quizzes will enable grading for multiple choice and checkbox questions automatically.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6: Camera Test Review

28 Jun, 2016

In addition to the Marshmallow features, Galaxy A7 and A5 (2016) also get improved TouchWiz UI features and Google's latest June security updates. A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 label leak has been published online by the usually-reliable Evan Blass .

Google's own smartphone to arrive this year

28 Jun, 2016

The Information said that Google convinced HTC to take on this role, despite some opposition from inside the struggling Taiwanese company. According to the sources, the Google-made smartphone is set to launch at the end of the year, usually around the time Google unveil the next Nexus devices.

Mets Sign Old Star Jose Reyes to Minor League Contract

26 Jun, 2016

Yes, Reyes does add some depth to the team. Still, the Rockies designated him for assignment last week. The Mets said he is expected to play in Sunday's 4 p.m. He did play in nine minor league games and will need another minor league tune-up before the Mets can think about bringing him up to the parent club.

Jaitley defends key aide after Subramanian Swamy's allegation

24 Jun, 2016

Jaitley had to spring to defence of the CEA saying the government had "full confidence" in Subramanian and value his advice. Swamy also put on hold his demand for sacking Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian following the government's strong support for him but said that he "will wait for events to prove truth".

EURO2016: Rooney claims England players fully behind wholesale team changes

24 Jun, 2016

Placed in Group B alongside relative minnows Russia, Wales and Slovakia, the England players endured a tough time breaking down stubborn defences and could only score thrice in their three group matches. "Other tournaments have not gone great for me", he said. "We'll see but I'm enjoying it and have no plans to change". "Obviously it is different with the crowd and the pressure, but it is important for the players when you practice penalties to practice how you're going to do it (during a ...

Twitter to let users post longer videos _ up to 140 seconds

22 Jun, 2016

Twitter said Tuesday it was increasing the time limit for video tweets to 140 seconds, a move aimed at drawing in more users with visual content. "76 percent of Canadian Twitter users watch mobile video and that number continues to increase month after month", says Rory Capern, managing director of Twitter Canada.

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